Thursday, 2 March 2017

Yesterday,we went to Sirius Academy West to work on our Drama/Art/Dance/Music.We were chosen because we are talented in Drama/Art/Dance/Music.The school had 4 floors and there were countless rooms! We all went into different groups and practised parts that we were going to put in our performance for parents at the end of the day.
"When I did Drama we did a poem about Hull. At the end we did a huge performance about Hull. Also,one person out of each subject got a tub of sweets for doing the best and I got the tub of sweets for Drama."-Paige Year 5
"When I did Dance I went with Ruby and Lily we did a dance about the blade in the centre of town. We used lots of sharp movements using our body"Lolah Year 5

We really enjoyed this day and learnt lots!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

In year 5 we have discovered we have an artist in the making! Abigail has created this piece using a range of materials and she has already had over 500 views on the internet. She creates lots of pieces with help from her Grandad. We are looking forward to the next piece that she brings in to school!

Year 5

Monday, 6 February 2017

With Dom we made a pipe that held our dreams. First, we wrote about what our dreams were. Then, we made a plan of what our pipe was going to look like. Next, with Dom and his business partner, Steve,we created our pipe out of whangdoodles and spongles (basically cardboard and sponges ) After that, we painted our pipes white for an undercoat. 
Finally, we painted our pipes bright colours and stuck on decorations. Later that day, our parents came in to have a look at them. Hopefully, they will be displayed in the city centre as part of Hull City of Culture. 
Whilst we were making our pipe dreams some other children researched famous people and building from Hull and turned them into pop art.

Year 5 children

Friday, 27 January 2017

Learning German!

On Tuesday 17th January, a group of year 10 pupils, from Sirius came to our school. They came to teach us a language we have never ever learnt and that was German! Our class starter was to match some images of food with the German vocabulary. They were known as cognates, which are words in two that look and sound very similar to the English word. After that, we looked through a short presentation, where we learnt new vocabulary and even short sentences. We then had to draw picture of our favourite meal and were challenged to label the foods that we had drawn in German. We thoroughly enjoyed learning a new language and look forward to our next session!

By Bradley (Year 5)

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Story Writing Geniuses

I know that we are all fabulous story writers at Wold, so I am hoping lots of you will get involved with the BBC 500 Words Competition.

As a judge last year, I know that our children write stories of an amazing standard. Look on the website for ideas and get writing.

As an added incentive this year, you can also submit the same story to me, to be entered into the DRET short story writing competition ... so a DOUBLE chance to win!

Good luck and let your imagination run wild.

Mrs Ev

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Sirius MFL lessons at Wold Y5

Yesterday we had some visitors from Sirius in year 10 They came to teach us Spanish .             
They told us what are birthday is in  Spanish, numbers and months . We also played some games including noughts and crosses and played a Spanish memory game and we had lots of fun.
Findley and Sonnybill

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Today, we were taught French by some pupils from Sirius. They played games with us about animals in French. We learnt some phrases to start a sentence and they taught us how to say more than one animal such as: giraffe, sheep, owl, cat, dog, and pig. They're coming back next week to teach us more French and art.
By George and Harley.